Lecture Monday 18 Nov. 10:45-12:30 Room B

Design, Democracy and the Citypastedgraphic-2Click on Image to see the lecture.

On monday 18 November, Wouter Vanstiphout gave the second lecture in a series of three for students at Delft University of Technology. The recordings of the lecture titled  ‘We the People – Design, Democracy and the City’ can be seen here.

After our Money lecture last September, we will now take you on a journey along architecture projects in order to explore their democratic value. From large iconic projects as a representation of democracy, like the Houses of Parliament in London, or the National Mall in Washington DC to small-scale, “big society-like” participation projects as the stadsinitiatief. Obviously we will also take the ‘bumpy road’ whereas not every project is received as positively by the public; leading to large protests, sometimes even causing riots, and –if lucky– a political referendum. And what about the freedom to protest in (privatized) public space? Will we find common ground and in that way, make design socially significant and politically relevant again?

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3 responses to “Lecture Monday 18 Nov. 10:45-12:30 Room B

  1. Is it open to people outside of the university (not students at TU/D)?

  2. Yes! You are more than welcome

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