2018 Graduation Presentations

Yes, It’s that time of the year! The students participating in the second edition of our ‘City of Comings and Goings’ graduation studio are wrapping up their work and will present their results of a year long research and design, during the coming weeks. Join us in case you’re interested!

Gereon Rolvering (Urbanism) will present his project based in Nairobi on Thursday 28 June, 15:00 in Room-R. Selina Abraham (Urbanism) will show her work for the Mumbai Metropolitan region on Friday 29th at 10:30 in Room-P. Serah Calitz (Architecture) will show her project on Chinese urbanization in Africa on Monday 2nd July at 11:00 in Room-T and Yue Mao (Urbanism) will present her research on nomadic urbanism on that same day at 13:00 in Room B. Last, but not least, Alejandra Quezada (Urbanism) will present her work on trans migratory practices in Hispaniola between Haiti and Dominican Republic on Tuesday 10 July in the morning.