“You are about to witness the very exciting story of a city, and its people.” Two documentaries (and one conservative stand-up comedian) that shed different lights on the phenomenon that is Detroit.

Requiem for Detroit boldly goes where British Broadcasters have gone many times before, summarizing the city’s history in just over an hour of documentarian greatness. The BBC does what the BBC does best – even most youtubers seem to approve. However, one Australian urges everyone to watch this in the comments: Twitter-republican and Fox News-columnist Steven Crowder blames 30 years of leftist policies, overinvolvement by the government and worker unions for Detroit’s decline. Over one million views and about 1200 followers so he can’t be wrong, right?

Our second feature presentation shows a completely different Detroit, however: virtually overrun by DIY-creatives, young entrepreneurs and hipsters-with-a-mission, present-day Detroit has become a unique playground for many. The urban landscape might be a little worn around the edges but the youth doesn’t seem to care – their optimism and energy almost makes you want to move there and start participating in rebuilding the city brick by brick. O, and it’s got Johnny Knoxville doing the Reyner Banham thing, too.