Community Power missing in Chinese New Towns. The Law of unforeseen planning. Cities of Zion in the American West.

Next month the International New Town Institute, in collaboration with the Han Lammers research chair (University of Amsterdam) and the chair of Design as Politics (Delft University of Technology – that would be us), is organizing a two-day conference around the notion of the New Town as a(n ultimate) political tool. Aptly named ‘New Towns & Politics‘, the conference will feature a number of established international speakers who will reflect on the global phenomenon that is the New Town and local renditions of its abstract themes: lecture titles hint towards reflections on Iranian, American, Korean, Chinese, Israeli and even Dutch New Town initiatives. Not to be missed, obviously. O, and dinner is included.

All will take place in Almere – Koolhaas’s modern-21st-century-new-city-dream-model-come-true: it’s going to be like that lecture on dinosaurs which was held inside an actual dinosaur!

Fees for the two-day event, including drinks, lunch and dinner, are EUR 300 for professionals and EUR 70 for students and PhD-researchers. More info can be found on the INTI website, here, and to register just send an e-mail to Do check out INTI’s New Town database too, by the way.