Starting November 15th: Blame The Architect, a lecture series by Wouter Vanstiphout on the relationship between riots and the urban environment. In six one-hour lectures, addressing four different incidents of large-scale rioting in as many cities, an attempt will be made to dissect the complicated mix of social, economical and urban factors that all play a role in the buildup towards riots. See the poster below for dates and locations, and elsewhere on this website for a more extensive introduction on the topic.

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  • Jo

    Hi, these lectures look great, any plans to record them & make them available online ?

    • tpeeters

      Hi Jo!

      Thanks for your question. The lecture series will definitely be published in some form (be it as video, podcasts, transcripts, or otherwise) some day – but as we are really busy preparing the lectures themselves we don’t really know yet how :). We’ll keep you posted through the blog though!

  • Jo

    Thanks very much for your reply, I’ll keep an eye out & good luck with the lectures!

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