The pointless and ruthless 1942 shooting of a caring mother in Bambi being only part of a series of horrific deaths in Walt Disney films, violence has now also entered the company’s picture-perfect real estate reality: on november 24th a 58-year old resident of Disney’s master-planned fairytale Celebration was found murdered in his home, and another one shot at the police and then killed himself a few days later. The (94 per cent) white community is obviously shocked – and you can’t really blame the architecture for any misconduct this time. Right? It’s a safe bet to say the murder weapon hasn’t been a 166-page list of covenants and restrictions, you know.

The good news: police have already arrested a suspect – and it’s not a mouse nor a duck, thank God.

However, such disturbances (there has also been an armed robbery in 1998) are terrible news for the 11,000 or so residents, who not only have to fear for their lives now but also face a steep decline in property values as their community has just become infinitely more dangerous overnight.