Design as Politics goes UK: february 3rd, Wouter Vanstiphout will give a lecture at London’s at least somewhat legendary AA School of Architecture. Rem, Zaha and Cedric Price went there – nuff said, right? Since everybody likes violence (even jolly, well-mannered Brits supposedly) the lecture will re-visit the relationship between riots and urban planning, the subject of an earlier lecture series held at the Delft faculty of architecture. Expect (pictures of) destruction, racism, French gangster rap, radical geographics, police aggression and modernism at its worst – all PG-rated so bring your kids too! If you’re attending, make sure to visit the Broadwater Farm estate (here) before – just because.

February 3rd, 18:00, the AA, Wouter Vanstiphout. Be there.

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  • Mara P.

    For those not able to attend, will there be a video online?

    • tpeeters

      Hi Mara. Yes there will – we are working on getting as much digitalized, compressed, edited, and online as soon as possible. However, as we are really busy with other things, and are quite inexperienced in the whole filming-and-publishing-online-thing I do not know how long this is going to take…

  • Mara P.

    Thank you and good luck with this procedure!

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