Food for anti-capitalists perhaps: Damon Rich lectures on the destruction of cities for profit at the AA London. Nomen est omen, an old man once said.

Rich, currently working for the City of Newark, is the founder of  the Center for Urban Pedagogy, whose main activity seems to be raising awareness of the built environment – our neighbourhoods and cities – as an important and quite perfect educational tool because of how it relates to and communicates with people – or something like that. Think user participation and lots of colourful models. Also, he designed an exhibition focused on the relationship between risk management and the design practice a couple of years ago; interesting stuff indeed.

Sunday February 13,  Rich will converse with Richard Plunz on the US housing crisis in the Queens museum of Art (read this article first),  but now for something related but simultaneously quite different: “Why is our neighbourhood like this? Because it was destroyed for cash.”