An economic crisis, huge cuts in government spending, heated debates about the use of renewable energy sources and soaring oil prices due to unrest in the Middle-East notwithstanding, Dutch minister of Infrastructure and the Environment Melanie Schultz approved plans (about 6 gazillion pages of research results and detailed descriptions of virtually everything remotely related to the plans, all in Dutch unfortunately; do see section D for some great clover leaf designs though) to upgrade highways connecting Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam and Almere – a project worth 4,5 billion euros. Awesome. In a generous attempt to serve the masses, and appear to be the transparent decision-making machine it claims to be, the government has published an impressive amount of material on the matter (besides the extremely detailed plans mentioned above, also check out this extremely, ehm, insightful infomercial made in 2009 and Rijkswaterstaat for instance): it makes for an interesting read (when able to read Dutch that is) if you’re planning to undertake a multi-billion infrastructural endeavour yourself in the near future. Enjoy!

For those who think more asphalt is not the solution, or who are afraid their backyard is going to be replaced by 6 lanes of traffic jam soon: you got until May 11th to appeal…

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