With the police studying grainy CCTV riot footage, it seems the violence that swept London and a number of other UK cities the past days has finally quieted down. Thank God. Time for reflection, careful analysis of causes and events – and perhaps a tiny bit of finger-pointing.

Wouter Vanstiphout has joined the discussion using the medium of the magazine: bdonline.co.uk has published an article by him, and the current issue of Australian Design Review features  and interview by Rory Hyde. Grim stuff, mostly. For those who don’t like reading (or Vanstiphout) that much, the Telegraph keeps track of the aftermath of the riots semi-twitter style, and they also got this nifty feature. Non-interactive pictures can be found  here, or  go to boston.com.

Last year’s DasP lecture on the 1985 Broadwater Farm riots (certainly not coincidentally the place where the violence started this week) can be found on our Youtube channel.