Let’s do some more reflective reading! The Evening Standard had Kieran Long interview professor Wouter Vanstiphout – in a rather comprehensible fashion. What now for the regeneration of London?

Ellis Woodman and The Guardian’s Dave Hill have a go at Vanstiphout’s article on bdonline.co.uk (which has a whole section devoted to the riots on its front page). While not adding much to the debate in terms of word count, Hill does put things in a more ‘British’ framework –  sparking a more than decent  24-reply discussion (definitely for internet standards); the obligatory call for riot police with bayonets is in there somewhere too.

Also, Amanda Baillieu answers a question Design as Politics has been asking for over a year now: ‘This time no one’s blaming the architects’, Spurs striker Peter Crouch stimulates the local community, and although the Sun does not seem to feature Wouter Vanstiphout’s first attempt at tabloidism, they do report that someone got eaten by a shark.