For those who are in London this Friday, like to get up early and enjoy discussing urban violence, the NLA is hosting the perfect breakfast talk. Wouter Vanstiphout will be there giving an introductory lecture.

Attendance is free – but you do need to register.

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  • Marc Kushin

    Hi Wouter,

    I enjoyed your presentation at the NLA last Friday.

    One thing that made my ears prick up was when you started talking about the prophetic nature of popular culture and music in relation to civil unrest.

    I was wondering if you have come across a book called ‘Noise: The Political Economy of Music’ by French economist Jacques Attali?

    In it he describes music as a form of governmentality (generally capitalist) but one of his main thrusts is the prophetic nature of music:

    ‘Music is prophecy. Its styles and economic organization are ahead of the rest of society because it explores, much faster than any material reality can, the entire range of possibilities in a given code. It makes audible the new world that will gradually become visible, that will impose itself and regulate the order of things; it is not only the image of things, but the transcending of the everyday, the herald of the future. For this reason musicians, even when officially recognized, are dangerous, disturbing, and subversive; for this reason it is impossible to separate their history from that of repression and surveillance’ (2009: 11)

    (Originally published 1977)

    If it hasn’t already I hope this book can help illuminate your observation about certain songs that came out around the time of the riots in Detroit.

    I will certainly be keeping an eye on your work for my BA Media and Communications dissertation which will focus on global mobility and resistance – the urban space plays a massive part in this I believe.

    All the Best


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