The coming months, we will be posting links to movies, writings and/or obscure websites that are (at least vaguely) related to that week’s Blame the Architect lecture subject (see post below for the program) – a lecture appendix so to speak.

Since this week’s lecture is a general introduction to the theme of the series and the course assignment, here is some stuff on riots in general (part one and two). As for the assignment: enrolled students are asked to make a short, YouTube-uploadable video documenting their own fictional riot. Time to dive into the world of amateur directors, gonzo journalism and people who are too lazy to hold their cell phone properly while filming street fights and car accidents.

Firstly, this is both great and riot related – as far as can be judged from fast-forwarding through it. Looks like a lot of work, though. So does the augmented-reality-niftyness you have all seen Bjarke Ingels pull off. Powerpoint-cum-voiceover seems much easier.

In terms of message delivery, check this ad for British new town Milton Keynes, or this one Stephen Colbert recently aired in Iowa (no architecture but lots of political satire, which also counts). Naturally, cartoons also work.

But if all else fails, you can always (de)construct your riot using 2011’s most popular modeling software.