This post accompanies part two of the Blame the Architect lecture series. This week we’ll discuss the 1967 Race Riots in Detroit; extra material for those who are interested or otherwise unoccupied can be found below.

Firstly, please watch this before you do anything else Detroit-related: it’s made by Julien Temple and it’s an absolutely brilliant (8.0 says IMDB)  portrait of present-day Detroit. Yes, that’s a dodgy looking Russian website we refer you to, but unfortunately the documentary is pretty hard to find (or buy, for that matter). For those who like their documentaries sponsored by a shoe brand and featuring celebrities-through-self-mutilation, Palladium had Johnny Knoxville walk around some ruins actually make a very interesting portrait of the city. And this looks interesting too.

Then there is this gem of public broadcasting: Detroit on the Move has mayor Jerome Cavanagh paint a bright and prosperous future for the city of Detroit, just two years before the riots would tear the city apart.

On a lighter note though, besides urban decline and violence Detroit also means cars and music of course. And more music. And even more music. And some more cars (caution: Australian accents). O, and great songs too. The Supremes were born here, by the way –  and Eddie Murphy’s claymation series the PJ’s was set there as well.