We at Design as Politics love New Towns – urbanism rarely gets more visibly political than when governments start planning entirely new cities. Also, operating in the DMZ between policy and design ourselves, we like interdisciplinarity very much.

If you combine these two, you get a new INTI lecture series which will be held in the spring 2012 semester at both the University of Amsterdam and the TU Delft. I you’re a student of either university – or another one for that matter – and you got some (read: 10) ECTS to tackle next semester, do enroll asap: the program looks awesome, and even includes a trip to everybody’s favourite new town Milton Keynes. For a full lecture program, dates, etcetera, click here. Sounds amazing simply because it is amazing.

If you’d like to join, do two things: enroll via your own university (TU Delft course code: AR0265), and send an e-mail to s.vanginneken@newtowninstitute.org. Thanks.