More background stuff on riots – this week we speak French. It’s  October 2005, when suddenly a wave of violence and unrest sweeps the modernist suburbs of France. A story of two boys, a tragic accident, thousands of burning cars and a hardline politician who would become president very soon. Two movies, two articles, and some music this week.

The very first thing you should do is watch La Haine: a moving, amazing, and apparently extremely realistic depiction of life in France’s ghetto’s. Nice soundtrack, too. The movie can be watched on YouTube – in non-subtitled ghetto-French, which supposedly is quite hard to understand even for French people. If you like your French movies a bit more disturbing, try this: Themroc.

The riots themselves, then. The fact that all of the unrest occured only in modernist suburbs makes for an interesting debate on the relationship between architectural style and anti-social behaviour: both Christopher Caldwell and John Lichfield wrote about this, in the NY Times and The Independent respectively.

Lastly, the extremely culturally diverse banlieues have produced some of the world’s best hip hop. It’s the language. It’s so beautiful.

Note for those who want to attend the lecture tomorrow: it will be held at 10:45, in lecture hall C!