Yes, it does look like a pixelated explosion. And no, there is no such thing as bad publicity – but perhaps only as long as your designs don’t resemble a disintegrating World Trade Center. Because when that happens, Keith Olbermann is going to name you worst person of the day (Bill O’Reilly came in third), your apology is going to be featured in the Dutch News, and commenters on Archinect and Dezeen are going to conclude the link with 9/11 is farfetched and ridiculous but the design is ugly anyway. Meanwhile, some guy at GizMag is unfazed by all the commotion and just thinks the towers are awesome – but what will the client think? Also, this provides an interesting plot twist: the building might not be inspired on a terrorist attack, but on collapsing buildings in general, something MVRDV should probably keep silent if it were true. They better play the Lego-card.

Why, now, has this not caused nearly as much commotion?