The Aedes Network Campus Berlin invited Design as Politics and the Why Factory (Winy Maas) to organise a design studio for students from the TUDelft and TU Berlin. Theme of the workshop: Resilience and Democracy – Urban Regions Under Stress.

The studio explores the key outcomes of the 2011/12 debate series (pdf) Design&Politics: The Next Phase – a collaboration between Henk Ovink (Director National Spatial Planning, Netherlands Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment) and ANCB- of which the closing debate (video) took place at the NAi in April 2012 during the 5th International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam.

The collaboration continues with this design studio, which will apply the learning from the debates to a case study scenario in the Berlin-Brandenburg urban region. The outcomes of this design studio will inform a further public debate, which in turn will summarize outcomes for a new political culture around designing, planning and making the future city.

This project is realized in the context of the DutchDFA programme; in the framework of the Initiative of Architecture and Baulkultur through the German Federal Ministry for Transport, Building and Spatial Development; and with the support of the Netherlands Embassy in Berlin, and the Netherlands Ministry for Infrastructure and Environment. Participants include architecture, urban design and planning students from the TU Delft and TU Berlin.

The design studio outcomes will be presented at ANCB on Nov 17th (11am) and debated with Henk Ovink on Dec 8th (4.30pm). To attend, please register by mail