Making Design and Politics: Opening statement

Yesterday, Wouter Vanstiphout joined the debate: ‘Making Design and Politics’ in the NAi. His opening statement on trust, democracy and how Making City is the one goal that should bind us all, is now published on our blog. Read it here!

Making Design & Politics

More Design As Politics at the 5th IABR! This time: the debate Making Design & Politics (pfd!), on multidisciplinary approaches taking city design into a political dimension while defining urban politics through a design approach. The debate continues where the in 2011 organized series Design and Politics: The Next Phase at the Aedes Network Campus Berlin stopped and will outline alternative approaches to making our urban environment. It takes a next step towards the realisation of this approach by considering whether and how adaptability can become its cornerstone. Besides Wouter Vanstiphout also Thomas Sieverts, Floris Alkemade and Petra Wesseler will… Read More

New Building Design Column

Now online! Wouter Vanstiphout’s newest Building Design column on how the reactions to Mohamed Merah’s killing spree show the demonisation of the ghetto. How everybody needs ‘good’ neighbours. And how Toulousains gave up on their modernist suburb Le Mirail. You need a username to read it, just register, it’s for free!

Exhibition by Malkit Shoshan

Who thinks about the Israeli Palestinian conflict does not directly pictures a zoo and two white donkeys dyed with stripes to look like zebras. Our PHD candidate Malkit Shoshan did, resulting in the exhibition ZOO, or the letter Z, just after Zionism which is currently exposed in the NAiM / Bureau Europa. Her award-winning book ‘The Atlas of Conflict’ about the processes and mechanisms behind the shaping of Israel-Palestine during the past 100 years forms the base of this new project. The exhibition starts with page 437 of the book and unfolds in a fascinating exploration of ideas, snapshots and… Read More

The Special Economic Block

Now Online! Wouter Vanstiphout’s presentation on the Special Economic Block  during the Droog Design ‘WIJkonomie’ conference in the Netherlands Architecture Institute. You can read the text on our discourse page, but a video of the presentation by Wouter and the other speakers can be seen here. Also cool: the final discussion about self-hate and the criminalization of the poor. Sit back and watch!

Column by Wouter Vanstiphout on BD online

Check it out! Wouter Vanstiphout’s new column for Building Design ‘Just give them a glimpse of something’. He questions at what point architects stop responding to context by addressing the avant-garde underground identity of Diller Scofidio & Renfro. The office – famous for their high line park- presented their project Open House for Levittown (NYC) at a symposium on neighbourhood economy organised by Droog Design in Rotterdam. You’ll need a username to read it, just register, it’s for free!

NAI Symposium: Wijkonomie Tarwewijk

Tomorrow (Feb. 22nd) the Netherlands Architecture Institute (NAI) organizes the symposium: Wijkonomie Tarwewijk on how local entrepreneurship can strengthen both economic and social vitality of a neighbourhood and how design interventions and strategies can be more valuable in the long term? Wouter Vanstiphout -on behalf of Crimson Architectural Historians– together with Maxwan A+U have developed one of the contributions: a top down strategy to allow for a bottom up transformation of Tarwewijk, Rotterdam South, and, potentially, many lower income communities. Based on the statement that the major strategic error of Dutch and other urban renewal policies is that they focus… Read More

Lecture and Debate

After a period of exams and final presentations, the faculty of Architecture in Delft will have some pretty cool events coming up and Design as Politics will be there! First on Tuesday (Feb.14) at 18:00, the why factory will present two new books ‘Hong Kong Fantasies’ and ‘Vertical Village’. After the book launch, Wouter Vanstiphout will join the debate with – among others- Winny Maas, Paul Schnabel and Arnold Reijndorp on city branding and bottom-up urbanism. Sounds like a lot of Fun! If you want more, check the Stylos Social Engineering Week, with lectures, workshops, exhibitions and debates around the… Read More

International Architecture Biennale Rotterdam

If you by any chance walk around in the architecture faculty of Delft, pass by the nearest coffee corner to get your copy of B-nieuws (Also available online). Inside this faculty magazine you find the announcement of the Design as Politics contribution to the 5th international architecture Biennale Rotterdam ‘Making the City’. Our contribution to the Biennale consists of the publication of book 6 in the Design and Politics series and an exhibition in the recently renovated Hofbogen in Rotterdam, both presenting the results of research conducted within the chair and a selection of student work from the studio’s Rotterdam-Detroit, Istanbul-the… Read More

Yesterday, Wouter Vanstiphout was interviewed by VPRO’s radio program ‘De Avonden’. Main topic was his role as a professor at the Delft University of Technology – and that of the chair of Design and Politics as a whole. For those who missed the broadcast, the episode of ‘De Avonden’ (also starring a Jewish-Russian dancer and the developer of the iHobo) can be found here. Dutch only – unfortunately.