Pretty self-explanatory: this Tuesday Charlot Boonekamp presents her graduation project – a study into Palestinian refugee camps – at the TU Delft faculty of Architecture. Expect painstakingly detailed drawings. The lecture, officially a part of the “In the Ghetto” graduation studio Design as Politics hosts at the moment, is open to all – so please attend!

Food for anti-capitalists perhaps: Damon Rich lectures on the destruction of cities for profit at the AA London. Nomen est omen, an old man once said. Rich, currently working for the City of Newark, is the founder of  the Center for Urban Pedagogy, whose main activity seems to be raising awareness of the built environment – our neighbourhoods and cities – as an important and quite perfect educational tool because of how it relates to and communicates with people – or something like that. Think user participation and lots of colourful models. Also, he designed an exhibition focused on the… Read More

Forget Dubai – Tehran is where it’s at. With Archis/Volume preparing an alternative guide to Iran’s largest city, local resident Ali Hoseini-Khamenei ranking 26th at Forbes’s list of most powerful people of 2010, and it actually being the least expensive capital in the world, you must learn more about it as quick as possible. Luckily, the Nai (in collaboration with Volume) knows what to do: organize a debate! January 20th, 20:00, NAi Dependance, Ali Madanipour as key speaker, Wouter Vanstiphout as moderator/debater – click here for more info. For those who can’t make it: don’t worry, another debate will be held later this… Read More

Starting in February, the International New Town Institute (not to be confused with the Newton Institute) will organize an elective course for master students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the TU Delft. Ten workshops (lectures by a number of speakers included), two excursions (to grandiose Germany and paradisiacal Poland), students of another university to cross brain-swords with – what else does the ambitious student of today need? Difficult words like, ehm, geopolitics? Academic credits? They’ve got that covered, too. More info and a detailed description of course structure and requirements can be found here.

Looking for a graduation studio? Design and Politics and Explorelab, Rotterdam and Detroit, Architecture Biennale Rotterdam and, ehm, you! Info meetings november 15th and 18th – see poster or elsewhere on the website for more info.

Reminder: the INTI Call for Papers deadline is coming up in two weeks: time to get over your writer’s block and spend some time holding a pen – or a laptop, if you’re one of those fancier types. More info here.

Wouter Vanstiphout is lecturing at the faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology – scroll five posts down for more information! April 21 at 17h – TUDelft Room S “The (re)design of New Towns in recent years, 1970-present”

Lecture series: ‘New Towns on the Frontier of Geopolitics’

As part of a collaborative lecture series for master students organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI), the Graduate School for the Social Sciences (UvA) and the Delft University of Technology, Wouter Vanstiphout will give two lectures at the faculty of Architecture in Delft: March 31 at 19h – TUDelft Room F (update March 30th: location changed form Room S to F!) “From the (second generation) English New Towns to Team X, 1945-1970” April 21 at 17h – TUDelft Room S “The (re)design of New Towns in recent years, 1970-present” Although part of a course, everybody is welcome to… Read More