Whoa. Everything you always wanted to know about the Israel-Palestine situation but were afraid to ask: the Atlas of the Conflict. Co-written by  Malkit Shoshan (PhD student of the chair of Design as Poltics), Willem Velthoven (of Mediamatic) and Nat Muller, the book painstakingly maps what seems to be the conflict of conflicts  – it is being represented in over 500 drawings. Mediamatic throws a launchparty december 21st in Amsterdam – speeches by some cool people are included. Click here (PDF!) for a 15 page sample of the atlas.

Very rarely does a career in geography gets your name on official US government blacklists, but when you’re called William Bunge things like that just happen. Bunge, who also got himself fired from at least two American universities, did ask for it though: besides being a communist he also tried to fight racial inequality in North-American inner cities by using geographical means – lethal in the wrong hands as these tools are. Setting up the Detroit Geographical Expedition and Institute, he started mapping such things as occurrences of rats biting babies and accidents involving black kids being hit by cars… Read More

Omdat visualisaties geweldig zijn hier een grafisch-geografische representatie van het politieke klimaat in Nederland. Afgezet tegen de landelijke uitkomsten (en gebaseerd op het systeem van de  stemwijzer) is per gemeente bekeken hoe zeer het lokale kiesgedrag afwijkt van het landelijk gemiddelde – meer uitleg over het gehanteerde systeem is wellicht handig. Eerste conclusies? Inwoners van de grote steden zijn te vinden aan de links-progressieve kant van het spectrum, Etten-Leur is voor verkiezingsuitslagen wat Haarlem is voor dialecten , en Urk had misschien wel een eiland moeten blijven.

In a quite literal attempt to marry the fields of design and politics, OMA (commissioned  by the European Climate Foundation) has redrawn the map of Europe based upon the availability of sustainable energy sources – and claims the continent can save as much as 80 per cent of its energy by doing so. Exciting – but perhaps not just a little unfeasible, as well.