New Towns | New Territories

On the 27th of September, the International New Town Institute organizes the Conference New Towns | New Territories – New Players in Urban Planning. The conference explores the latest innovations in global urbanization, privatization and new organizational models of urban development as well as the impact and challenges for professional practice. Global urbanization is moving at a faster pace than ever before and it is showing a fundamental shift in its structure and organization. Hundreds of economic, eco and satellite cities are being developed by private companies. Not only in Asia, but also in Europe. The growing privatization has led… Read More

Invitation – The Banality of Good

Wouter Vanstiphout’s office ‘Crimson Architectural Historians’ has been invited to present its research work at the 13th edition of the International Architecture Exhibition of the Biennale di Venezia. Their exhibition is titled ‘The Banality of Good: Six decades of New Towns, Architects, Money and Politics’. Central question in the exhibition is: can the design of New Towns again be a subject of collective pride to architects and not of professional shame like it seems to be now? ‘Banality’ is unavoidable when building for the life of millions. But instead of the banality of the icon, the banality of wealth or… Read More

ZATO – Secret Soviet Cities

The Harriman Institute in New York was recently exhibiting the exhibition: ZATO – Secret Soviet Cities during the Cold War on the dynamics between politics, urbanism, and cartographic manipulation. Unfortunately we couldn’t go there, but secret cities based on the communist ideology of ‘the Party’, for sure drew our attention. These closed cities or so called ZATO sites (Closed Administrative-Territorial Formation / Zakrytoe administrativno-territorial’noe obrazovanie) were areas for secret military or scientific research and production in the Soviet Empire. Weapons were produced there and medical experiments took place on nearly 250,000 animals to understand how radiation damages tissues and causes… Read More

We at Design as Politics love New Towns – urbanism rarely gets more visibly political than when governments start planning entirely new cities. Also, operating in the DMZ between policy and design ourselves, we like interdisciplinarity very much. If you combine these two, you get a new INTI lecture series which will be held in the spring 2012 semester at both the University of Amsterdam and the TU Delft. I you’re a student of either university – or another one for that matter – and you got some (read: 10) ECTS to tackle next semester, do enroll asap: the program… Read More

Starting in February, the International New Town Institute (not to be confused with the Newton Institute) will organize an elective course for master students at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) and the TU Delft. Ten workshops (lectures by a number of speakers included), two excursions (to grandiose Germany and paradisiacal Poland), students of another university to cross brain-swords with – what else does the ambitious student of today need? Difficult words like, ehm, geopolitics? Academic credits? They’ve got that covered, too. More info and a detailed description of course structure and requirements can be found here.

Community Power missing in Chinese New Towns. The Law of unforeseen planning. Cities of Zion in the American West. Next month the International New Town Institute, in collaboration with the Han Lammers research chair (University of Amsterdam) and the chair of Design as Politics (Delft University of Technology – that would be us), is organizing a two-day conference around the notion of the New Town as a(n ultimate) political tool. Aptly named ‘New Towns & Politics‘, the conference will feature a number of established international speakers who will reflect on the global phenomenon that is the New Town and local… Read More

Reminder: the INTI Call for Papers deadline is coming up in two weeks: time to get over your writer’s block and spend some time holding a pen – or a laptop, if you’re one of those fancier types. More info here.

Wouter Vanstiphout is lecturing at the faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology – scroll five posts down for more information! April 21 at 17h – TUDelft Room S “The (re)design of New Towns in recent years, 1970-present”

Wouter Vanstiphout is lecturing at the faculty of Architecture of the Delft University of Technology tonight – see three posts down for more information! March 31st 2010, 19:00, Zaal F, Wouter Vanstiphout: “From the (second generation) English New Towns to Team X, 1945-1970″

Lecture series: ‘New Towns on the Frontier of Geopolitics’

As part of a collaborative lecture series for master students organized by the International New Town Institute (INTI), the Graduate School for the Social Sciences (UvA) and the Delft University of Technology, Wouter Vanstiphout will give two lectures at the faculty of Architecture in Delft: March 31 at 19h – TUDelft Room F (update March 30th: location changed form Room S to F!) “From the (second generation) English New Towns to Team X, 1945-1970” April 21 at 17h – TUDelft Room S “The (re)design of New Towns in recent years, 1970-present” Although part of a course, everybody is welcome to… Read More