Colour Your Space


One of the important factors leading to attractive cities and neighborhoods, is the quality of the public space. Still we know very little of what people really think of their immediate surroundings, while they are the ones who use it the most.

This is one of the reasons our PhD candidate Els Leclercq is currently developing an app as part of her dissertation. The app allows anyone to assess, rate and record the quality of their public spaces in a simple way in their own time. This does not only generate empirical data about the status of our public space by a variety of users, but the tool could also be used to increase the input of local residents and users in any regeneration project. Based on an unbiased assessment, spaces can then be reconfigured with design interventions that are responsive to the experiences and aspirations of daily users. 80% of the Dutch population now has a smartphone and could potentially engage in new more democratic forms of changing cities.

In a first step to test this new form of interactive consultation, a pilot project was launched at Tiendplein in Rotterdam. Local residents, business operators and passers-by are being encouraged to give their opinion of the public realm in an easy and straightforward way via their mobile phones. The output will eventually be used for the re-design of the square.

Also interested in rating  your local area, wherever you are in the world? Then download the app Color your Space from the app store. All feed back is at this stage enormously helpful to be able to further develop Color your Space.

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