De Bouwbubbel van Rotterdam


Crisis or no crisis, Rotterdam continues to construct new buildings. In front of the central station, foundations are being laid for a 120m high mixed-use tower, just behind it looms the almost finished colorful complex ‘The Calypso’, a bit further down town, a giant market hall will be constructed, and ‘The Rotterdam’ -the country’s largest building- has recently reached his highest point.

Many citizens are proud of these new developments: they make Rotterdam a contemporary city, full of architectural masterpieces. But how come large real estate projects are still being constructed in Rotterdam, while they are suspended or canceled in the rest of the Netherlands? Is so much office- and retail space really needed in the city? And what kind of city does Rotterdam actually wants to be?

AIR and Arminus brought together the supporters and opponents of the city’s current construction policy. Wouter Vanstiphout joined the debate with Rotterdam alderman Hamit Karakus, which led to an interesting discussion on twitter and an article the Dutch newspaper: NRC Handelsblad. Missed it? The recordings are now online! (Dutch only)

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