Debatavond: Track Changes

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Track Changes in Sao Paulo

The upcoming public event in The New Institute will bring the debate program ‘Track Changes’ – which took place during the Sao Paulo architectural biennale – back home to the Netherlands.

Last November, an international group of architects, urbanists, economists, developers, politicians and architectural historians talked in Brazil about the fierce changes which society undergoes in periods of economic, political or social crisis, and about the role which architects and urbanists can play in this. The themes ‘What’s Your Crisis?’, ‘Bottom-up Is Not Enough’ and ‘We the People’ were the guidelines for these debates.

‘Bottom up is not enough’ led to the most severe debate in São Paulo. While the biggest part of the attendees agreed with this statement, the opinions were sharply divergent on how this should be put into practice.

Michelle Provoost (Crimson Architectural Historians) will introduce this theme at the New Institute on the seventh of March, followed by a debate moderated by René Boer and Mark Minkjan of Failed Architecture. Hedwig Heinsman (DUS architects), Rients Dijkstra (Maxwan architects + urbanists / Governmental advisor on infrastructure and the city), Indira van ’t Klooster (editor in chief of A10 new European architecture) and Design as Politics’ Wouter Vanstiphout will discuss the outcomes of Track Changes and it’s significance for Dutch Architecture and Urbanism.

Track Changes is part of the international program of The New Institute, which is focused on dialogue, the mobility of international knowledge and agendas in the field of design. The debate takes place on Friday 7 March from 19:30 – 21:30 in the auditorium of The New Institute. Entrance fee is € 7,50, but students and ‘friends of the new institute get in for  only € 3,75. You can buy your tickets here.

ATTENTION: the event is Dutch spoken.