Below you find an overview of the writings, interviews and recordings of our chair. Also take a look at our Issuu online publication library here.

September 2016
Therapie voor de ongezonde stad.
In Blauwe Kamer, Tijdschrift voor landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw (P.68-72).

April 2016
The Highway and the City
Lecture during Space Invaders 1 – Post-Highway: Old utopias for a new world in Rotterdam

February 2016
Van wie is de straat?
Talkshow with Tracy Metz in the van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven.

January 2016
Rotterdam, the Neverending Story.
Opening debate ‘Rotterdam viert de stad’met Zihni Ozdil and Rineke Kraaijenberg.

December 2015
Een stad van komen en gaan.
In Blauwe Kamer, Tijdschrift voor landschapsarchitectuur en stedenbouw Jaarboek 2015. (met Michelle Provoost)

September 2015
Future of Housing in the Periphery.
Lecture at Doughnut: The Outer London Festival (London). With Michelle Provoost.

June 2015
We the People – How Democratic is Town Planning anyway?
Lecture at Brain Bar Budapest

June 2015
Bedside Manners
in: MacGuffin magazine, 1/2015

June 2015
Inspiratie lezing Omgevingsvisie Overijssel

February 2015
A Clockwork Jerusalem: architecture, politics, riots and the belief in a better world
Lecture at the British School in Rome

January 2015
Are we the World?
Lecture and debate at the Design & Politics Book presentation ‘Are We The World’ at Pakhuis de Zwijger.

November 2014
Architectuur van de Herintredende Overheid.
In: Gouden Piramide 2014 Voortbouwen. nai010 uitgevers.

November 2015
Terugtrekken is niet genoeg.
Interview in Binnenlands bestuur

October 2014
Are We The World? Randstad Holland, São Paulo, Istanbul & Rotterdam.
Book. Design and Politics #6

October 2014
Making something out of Nothing
by PhD Candidate Azadeh Mashayekhi in Volume magazine, issue 41.

September 2014
A Clockwork Jerusalem
Book, including a contribution by Wouter Vanstiphout.

June 2014
Inside the British Pavilion: A Clockwork Jerusalem
by Sam Jacob and Wouter Vanstiphout  in: The Architects’ Journal Venice Biennal 2014.

December 2013
How Rotterdam lost its Architectural Soul.
In: Blueprint Magazine #331

November 2013
Lecture: We the People – Design, Democracy and the City
Recording of Wouter Vanstiphout’s lecture for the Urbanism master education about the relation between democracy and architecture.

October 2013
Radicale Verschuivingen
Column by Wouter Vanstiphout for Atelier ZZ.

September 2013
Lecture: Follow the Money – Design, Finance and the City
Recordings of Wouter Vanstiphout’s lecture for the Urbanism master education about the relation between money and architecture.

May 2013
Braudels donkey – Historians and the Mediterranean as a Political Project
Article by Wouter Vanstiphout for New Geographies 5: The Mediterranean, Harvard Graduate school of Design.

April 2013
Ontwerpstudie Almere Poort Oost: Cascadepark Oost & Middenkant
Report of a design study on the development of a new area in the Dutch newtown: Almere. The workshop was organized in collaboration with the International New Town Institute and the municipality of Almere.

Maart 2013
De Scheiding van Markt en Overheid
E-publication based on Wouter Vanstiphout’s talk during the symposium ‘The Energetic city’  (Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie)

January 2013
Wouter Vanstiphout – Columns for Building Design 2012
Collection of Columns by Wouter Vanstiphout for Building Design 2012

November 2012
The end of the Perpetuum Mobile, or: The Self Destruction Machine
Publication based on Wouter Vanstiphout’s reading during the practice session ‘The New Commissioning’ (‘Het Nieuwe Opdrachtgeven’) at the 4e EU Aanbestedingendag / De Olifantenkooi. (Click here for the Dutch version)

November 2012
Resilience and Democracy: Urban Regions Under Stress
Recordings of the final presentations by ‘We The People’ students during the University Design Studio: Resilience and Democracy, at ANCB Berlin.

September 2012
De Toekomst van Architectuur: introductie op de nieuwe architectuurnota
Debate on the new Architecture Bill (Dutch)

August 2012
What now for the regeneration of London?
Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout  in The Evening Standard about the London Riots

June 2012
Geïmproviseerd Rotterdam (pfd)
Article on the Rotterdam mural/organorama in S+RO 3/2012

May 2012
De Export Paradox (Dutch)
Article / Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout about the Design as Politics Exhibition at the 5th IABR: Making City and the Book ‘Are we the world?’ in AWM

April 2012
Design and Politics 8: Making Design and Politics.
Recordings of a public Debate with Wouter Vanstiphout, Thomas Sieverts, Floris Alkemade and Petra Wesseler

April 2012
Gevecht tegen leegstand (Dutch)
Article / Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout about the Design as Politics Exhibition at the 5th IABR: Making City in TU Delta.

April 2012
One goal that should bind us all (pdf)
Statement by Wouter Vanstiphout during the 5h IABR: Making cities debate: ‘Making Design & Politics’ at the Netherlands Architecture institute.

April 2012
Exporting Superheroes
Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout about the Design as Politics Exhibition at the 5th IABR: Making City in B nieuws.

February 2012
WIJkonomie Tarwewijk
Spoken Column by Wouter Vanstiphout in the Netherlands Architecture Institute (Dutch). A written translations van be found here.

November 2011
Capita Selecta Appraisal Speech
Appraisal by Wouter Vanstiphout on the Capita Selecta lecture by the architect Heinrich Wolff as part of the lecture series “Designers of the Future”

October 2011
Learning to Provoke
Statement by Wouter Vanstiphout during the debate Design and Politics: the next phase #4 (A video of the debate can be found here)

October 2011
Dames en Heren…
Speech by Wouter Vanstiphout during a public meeting  for the new architecture bill.  Organized by the Ministry of I&M and of Education in the ‘Ketelhuis’, The Hague (available in Dutch only)

August 2011
Back to normal?
Column by Wouter Vanstiphout in Building Design, BD online

August 2011.
Historian of the present: Wouter Vanstiphout
Interview by Rory Hyde for the Architectural Review Australia, AR121:  Community Building

July 2011
The death and life of great urban concepts
Article by Wouter Vanstihout in The tale of two regions. p.6-8. Urban Age publications.

Spring 2011
Blame the Architect lecture series
Recordings of the Design as Politics Lecture Series on the relation between Architectural and urban concepts, and unwanted social behaviour

June 2010
Inaugural speech: ‘Design is Politics’
Inaugural speech by Wouter Vanstiphout at Delft University of Technology

December 2010
It’s the architect’s fault
Article by Wouter Vanstiphout in Archis/Volume – Architecture of Peace, 26 p.144-149

March 2010.
From the sideline into the fray
Interview with Wouter Vanstiphout in B-Nieuws

March 2010
Reinventing the Urban Project in Rotterdam
Essay on ‘maakbaarheid’ by Wouter Vanstiphout and Michelle Provoost in the catalogue for the 2010 Architecture Biennale Rotterdam