Face 2 Face

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Project description
Face 2 Face is a project that stems from my research on Delhi, where resource (supply) and demand are mismatched and there is an explosion of image based planning resulting in a gentrified and inaccessible city; plagued by pollution, congestion, high car ownership growth, safety and lack of urban commons for its growing density.

The result of which is City-on-Demand, a technology, it gathers the demand of commuter (public transport or walking) and urban residents (public spaces) and interprets the spatial requirement and changes the city’s infrastructure accordingly. Thus creating a real-time dynamic system of demand and supply. Making a city smarter by having a demand based supply chain management of its resources.

Its changes public transport planning from route choice to route wanted. It is based on concepts of participatory planning and filtered permeability of current urban network and spaces. Resulting in supply of public transport and public spaces where the demand is made and thereby delineating resource in amplitude to the demand made. Flow follows Demand.

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