As part of our graduation studio Follow the Money, we asked our students to organize an excursion to Madrid and its surrounding area in order to explore the effects of the county’s property bubble and the (sometimes) harsh consequences of political games and real estate speculation on the built environment.


Some of the people we met during our intense three-day program were Marcos Vaquer Caballeria who gave an very clear lecture about the causes of the real estate bubble, Jesus Leal and Almudena Martinez who took us to the megalomaniac housing project ‘Sesena’, the ‘Eurovegas NO’ organization about their resistance against Sheldon Adelson‘s plans to build a sprawling gambling resort known as Eurovegas outside Madrid and Sebastian Severino about the culture behind land development. We also brought a visit to the office of Ecosistema Urbano and had an an intriguing  talk with Luis FernándezGaliano (Editor in chief of arquitectura viva) about his view on architects and their responsibility towards society

Click on the following pages to read a more detailed description of each day

Day 1
– Visit the office Ecosistema Urbano
– Lecture by Marcos Vaquer Caballeria
– Madrid Rio

Day 2
– SeseñaVisit
– Tour around Vallecas
– Luis Fernandez Galiano
– Visit to Eurovegas NO

Day 3
– Lecture by Sebastian Severino
– Visit of El Campo de Cebada