Follow The Money Student Work

FTM first results2013-10-21 15.38.33
By now, our graduation studio Follow the Money – Finance, Architecture and the city is already up and running for around half a year. The midterm review is behind us, and this week we will have another pin-up presentation.  This means: time for the first results! Check out what our students are up to by clicking on the links below:

Donatas Baltrusaitis – Soviet Object as signs of identity-Vilnius
Emilia Bruck – Activating Frampol
Bart de Hartog
Yuhui Jin – Vitalize Lingang New Harbor City
Mikas Kauzonas – Local Potential
Pepe Niemeijer – Humanizing the world of banking in the City of London.
Anniek Roosenschoon – Re-Use Sloterdijk
Marije Ruigrok
Pim Schachtschabel – Strategies for an aging society
Diamadis Tegkelidis
Thomas Verbrugh – (DE) connecting networks