Graduation Studio 2017/2018 – A city of Comings and Goings – Part II

How can we design buildings, cities and landscapes that make the best of our restless, migratory, lives?

We are very happy to announce that we will continue our research into the spatial dimensions of migration with a new edition of the graduation studio: A City of Comings and Goings – Designing for migration and mobility. This studio starts in September 2017 and is open for students of the Architecture, Urbanism and Landscape Architecture tracks at Delft University of Technology. Interested students can apply until April 23th!

Migration and mobility define how we use our cities and landscapes. Climate change, conflicts and a globalised economy keep us constantly on the move, whether we are rich ex-pats, hard working labour migrants, young international students or refugees. Looking at the world around us, there is no reason to think that migration will remain at the same level or even decrease. Our cities will increasingly be characterised by a coming and going of people, population growth and contraction, the emergence and disappearance of amenities and enterprises, and a constantly changing racial profile. In this studio we challenge you to develop new perspectives, new solutions, new utopias or new research into this topic. How can we design buildings, cities and landscapes that make the best of our restless,migratory, lives?  That profit from the constant exchange of people, that can withstand the pressures of a growing and shrinking, ever changing population?

This studio is framed within the approach of Design as Politics; critical, bold, research-based design with a strong narrative. While focusing on the theme of migration we will give you the freedom to develop your own project based on your own fascination and interpretation. We will organize lectures, workshops, a field trip and group discussion to feed you with new ideas and inspiration for your project, while at the same time challenge you to take your own position.

Are you ready to become a Design as Politics Graduate, willing and able to dedicate yourself to a studio that is at once rigorous and experimental, freethinking and super-pragmatic, individualist yet with a strong team spirit? Then apply for this studio! Send us an email ( explaining your motivation to join his studio or project proposal in max 1,5 A4 ( 600 words). Also include some examples of your previous writings and designs. Deadline for application is on Sunday 23 April 2017. Only limited places available. We will inform all applicants about the selection before may 1st.

Course Code Architecture students: AR3DP110
Course Code Urbanism students: AR3U100