Guerrilla gardeners attack Irish ghost estates

Only a few years ago, the Irish were constructing huge amounts of beautiful houses attracting potential residents with various bathrooms, granite-topped built-in kitchens and a few acres of land to towns nobody had even thought of commuting from before – The inhabitants never came.

When the Real estate bubble burst in 2008, and the Celtic Tiger run away, Ireland was one of the most affected countries. The result: around 2,800 ‘ghost estates’, housing developments that were never occupied or in some cases even completed. Great to make cool pictures or organize a dance event, but horrible -and even dangerous– to live around them.

While the government is still struggling to find a solution to the problem, the inhabitants are tired having these empty buildings on their back doors and created the group called “NAMA to Nature“.

Armed with spades, gloves and tree saplings they planted over 1,000 willow, alder, birch and ash trees to tidy up Ireland’s landscape and help nature take back these ghost estates. Although no one gave them any type of permission to do this, the group is growing and announced to continue these crimes of beauty.