Info meeting new DasP graduation studio

We are happy to announce our new graduation studio ‘ We The People: Democracy, Architecture and the City’. Starting Fall 2012.  The question: who are you designing for? For the developer? For the Government? Or for the people?

All over the world there are movements for more democracy, and for the right to choose (and build!) your own environment. At the same time architects and planners are making themselves dependent on multinational corporations and undemocratic governments.

In this graduation studio we want you to look for ways in which design can give people the power over their environment.  Does that happen through participation? Through anarchist self-determination? Through representative democracy or through gaming and social media? We don’t know. Its up to you. You are free to choose your location and your program.

The studio will offer a rigorous series of workshops and seminars on design tools, participation, activism, political science and how to set up a political campaign. Interested? Come to our info meetings on the 23rd and 24th during lunch. Room: To be announced

Subscription to the Graduation Studio is open to both urbanists and architects and is in collaboration with Explorelab.  Your studio teachers are Wouter Vanstiphout, Ekim Tan and Marta Relats.