International Social Housing Festival: Migration and mobility in cities in the West

As part of the International Social Housing Festival, Crimson Architectural Historians and the ISHF research team are collectively organizing an event about Migration and mobility in cities in the West.

All over the world, cities are challenged to accommodate newcomers. This not only contributes to the current refugee crisis in Europe, but also to the preexisting urgent need for temporary accommodation for migrant workers and an increasing demand for flexible housing. Our cities are increasingly defined by the dynamics of temporary inhabitants: expats, refugees, international students, and migrant workers moving in and out. The influx of individuals to cities is expected to be a permanent phenomenon that requires a permanent strategy. How may cities better adapt to a phenomenon that has always shaped and defined urban development and will continue to do so in the future?

In the framework of International Social Housing Festival 2017 in Amsterdam, Crimson is presenting the first research results of their project A city of Comings and Goings, which runs parallel to our graduation studio about migration, mobility and the city.

The event will start with an introductory presentation, followed by four presentations on Aarhus (Denmark), Prato (Italy), Vienna (Austria) and London (UK), in which our international researchers will discuss the current migration challenges in these cities and the specific spatial solutions that are being offered.  The event will conclude with a panel discussion, in which Dutch professionals from different backgrounds will react to the presentations and consider what lessons can be learned for the Dutch situation. The panel will also reflect on what migration means for cities more generally, and how architecture and planning can contribute to migration challenges .

Experts include:
Achmed Baâdoud (Stadsdeel Nieuw-West Amsterdam), Perry Hoetjes (Stadgenoot), Payman Hanifi-Moghaddam (Seedz Rotterdam), Desirée Uitzetter (BPD Gebiedsontwikkeling), Hassnae Bouazza (journalist), Francine Houben (Mecanoo architecten), Cihan Bugdaci (Gentleman A.R.T.) Goof van Dormolen (VWN) and Michelle Provoost (Crimson Architectural Historians)

The event is free of charge and takes place on June 18, in Het Schip Museum, Amsterdam – Torenzaal. More detailed information on the program & registration at Please note: there is only a limited number of spots available!