Lecture and Debate

After a period of exams and final presentations, the faculty of Architecture in Delft will have some pretty cool events coming up and Design as Politics will be there!

First on Tuesday (Feb.14) at 18:00, the why factory will present two new books ‘Hong Kong Fantasies’ and ‘Vertical Village’. After the book launch, Wouter Vanstiphout will join the debate with – among others- Winny Maas, Paul Schnabel and Arnold Reijndorp on city branding and bottom-up urbanism. Sounds like a lot of Fun!

If you want more, check the Stylos Social Engineering Week, with lectures, workshops, exhibitions and debates around the influence of the user and the importance of interdisciplinarity in design and architectural education. Every day during lunch (12:30-13:30) or in the afternoon you can find inspiring lectures from a wide range of professionals. Wouter Vanstiphout will take care of the last session on Friday at 12:3o titled: “Damn thé Master’s Plan!”

Both events take place in the orange room (you can’t miss it) and are open for everyone. We hope to see you there!