Lecture by Simone Rots

This Tuesday, we need you to wake up early for a cool lecture by Simone Rots -Director of Hofbogen BV and partner of Crimson Architecture Historians– on the transformation of the Hofplein train station and viaduct in the North of Rotterdam.

Hofbogen BV was founded in 2006 when various housing corporations joined forces and purchased the Hofplein line railway viaduct from the Dutch Railways. The reason behind this move was the dominant presence of the viaduct in the urban area of Rotterdam North, an area that is extremely important to the corporations concerned. Due to its length, the viaduct crosses several city suburbs and at certain points the line is literally wedged in by later urban expansion. Consequently, the Hofplein viaduct makes a vital contribution to the quality of social life in the surrounding area.

As director of Hofbogen BV, Rots is responsible to restore the structure to its former glory so that it will actively contribute to the quality of the public surroundings. Due to its unique combination of sturdy engineering architecture and attractive program, it should also tempt other inhabitants of Rotterdam to visit this special location in the city. Besides drafting plans for the future, Rots is also involved in coordinating the everyday management of the arched spaces under the viaduct and the creative hotspot ‘the Mini Mall’ in the former Hofplein Station.

The lecture takes place from 09:00 until 10:15 in the TUDelft’s Faculty of Architecture, Room F