Machines For Living

A few days ago we received a facebook message from the London based theater maker David Ralfe, telling us that the Blame the Architect lecture series served as the basis for their newest show ‘Machines For Living

The play is about two architects -who fell in love over their mutual adoration of concrete- that move into the tower block they have designed. Although the design tried to encourage kinship and social harmony, the building slowly degenerates and they get the blame (sounds familiar). Trough dark humor and smart performance techniques Machines for Living explores the legacy of Britain’s tower blocks.

In may, the show already played for a month and received raving reviews. One of them by 1960s housing architects Kate Macintosh and George Finch, who watched the play for BDonline. Now a second series of the play will be shown at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe from 3rd to 27th August. Check it out if you happened to be around, and let us know what you think.