New Design as Politics Electives start in April!

Spring ElectivesWe are very happy to announce that coming April we will again start the Design as Politics elective   lecture series: The New Town – From Welfare City to Neoliberal Utopia (AR0023).


This  course is organized in collaboration with the International New Town Institute and contains of 9 public lectures on the planning and (re)design of New Towns all over the world and their social, cultural, political and economic context. Together with (guest) lecturers from different disciplines, we will follow the evolution of New Towns from the first experiments in the pre-war period with utopian and communal living, explore how it was discovered by national governments as ways to promote their political agendas, and later on became a symbol of modernization and progress in the post-war period. Finally we look at contemporary New Town planning, which has largely been privatized and became a tool for investors, developers and multinational corporations to create huge profits, thereby abandoning the original public goals of New Town Planning. Amongst the speakers are: Michelle Provoost, Wouter Vanstiphout, Vincent Nadin, Maurits de Hoog, Pieter Hooimeijer and Martijn de Waal. Click here for more information and the most up-to-date schedule.