New Publication: Bedside Manners

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Here it is: a brand new Design as Politics publication ‘Bedside Manners’ about the extramuralization of healthcare in the Netherlands.

In this publication –originally written for MacGuffin magazine – Wouter Vanstiphout explains how the Dutch health care system is currently shifting from large government controlled institutions to a system in which the amount of care given inside large facilities is being minimized, making sure that people can stay at home longer. Big institutions built to house the old and infirm are making way for healthcare new style with hospitals that resemble towns and homes fitted out like medical wards.

This developments mean an enormous challenge for architects: to redefine the buildings and places left behind by the transformation of the healthcare system, and to design new healthcare facilities that do not just work as isolated institutions, but that can intensify the role of the neighbourhood as a meeting place, a place of social integration and of course a place of innovation.

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