New Publications!


Now online! Two brand new Design as Politics publications. For your entertainment!

The first ‘Het einde van het Perpetuum Mobile of: The Self Destruction Machine’ (Dutch only) is the text of Wouter Vanstiphout’s speech during the –by Architectuur Lokaal organized– practice session Het Nieuwe Opdrachtgeven (The New Commissioning) on November 22nd, 2012. During this event, Wouter talked about the instability of the public sector, and the role of the government in the current state of social housing and the architecture and construction sector. (See also the by JaapJan Berg written report of the lecture on Archined)

The second publication is a collection of Wouter Vanstiphout’s columns for building design. The booklet contains all monthly columns, written throughout 2012, and the article ‘Back to normal’, on the UK riots of 2011 and what London, Liverpool and Manchester could learn from the way that cities such as Paris had responded to urban unrest in the past.