New Towns & Politics – Call for Papers!

The ultimate political act in town planning is the building of a New Town. Or is the idea to build a New Town from scratch just proof of a fatal misunderstanding of what makes a city a city?
New Towns have also become one of societies biggest political challenges. Shouldn’t we recognize that the planning and building of a New Town is but the first small step in the development of an urban community, and that the real work starts once the politicians and planners have done their job?
(excerpt of New Towns & Politics call for papers description)

In collaboration with the TU Delft (Design as Politics chair) and UvA (Han Lammers chair) the fourth International New Town Institute (INTI) conference, New Towns & Politics, wishes to explore thoughts, analyses, projects, designs and political actions pertaining to the political dimension of New Towns, old and new.

INTI invites researchers, writers, journalists, designers, artists, politicians and developers to send their ideas for papers and projects to be presented and discussed in the autumn of 2010 in a venue to be announced in The Netherlands.

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