Political Philosophy Seminar – Design as Politics

PhilosophyDuring next years autumn semester, Design as Politics will offer a complete new course: The Political Philosophy Seminar. Instructor is the Philosopher and Architect: Marta Relats.

This philosophy seminar is aimed at solidifying the reasons why designs are created. Why is the world better with your design rather than without?

The emphasis will be put on political philosophy and the economic theories related to it through design issues. This will be done by means of lectures, readings and little exercises in various fields: aesthetics, politics, economy, ethics and value theory among others.

The seminar has two objectives: Firstly and most essentially, to provide an awareness of your own position at a philosophical level, and to build up on it. The result will be a strong well-argued standpoint from where to look at the world that, in itself, manifests a commitment from a designer’s perspective. Secondly, there will be a basic training in rhetoric, where you will learn to make arguments persuasive, attractive and convincing. These argumentations will be expected to have the endorsement of a deep reflection that the lectures and readings will help you construct.

This course is compulsory for students enrolled in the graduation studio ‘Follow The Money – Finance Architecture and the City’  (AR3DP110), but also open to  students from other studios as an elective course. Enroll here for the complete seminar (TU Delft Students only) or keep an eye on our blog and visit one of the sessions!