Fall Semester 2017
Course Code
Wouter Vanstiphout

Design as Politics Lecture Series

What Design can do about: Democracy, Economy, Welfare, Migration, Security and Feminism

Starting in September 2017, Design as Politics will offer a new  series of 6 so called ‘confrontation lectures’. During these bi-weekly sessions we will talk about various social-political theme’s and discuss how they are connected to urban spaces, landscapes and architecture, as well as how you as a designer can relate to those theme’s and how they might be translated into design challenges.

Each session starts with an introduction to the theme by Design as Politics, followed by a talk from a non-architectural professional (a politician, a banker, an environmental psychiatrist, etc) about how they see the role of architecture and urban planning. Subsequently we will ask someone to give an informed response to this lecture as the start of a discussion with the audience.

The course forms the theoretical background to the Design as Politics graduation studio (AR3DP110) and is integrated within the Master of Urbanism (Q1,2,3), but can also very well be taken separately by students in the architecture master track.

Lecture Schedule 2017/2018

11 September 2017 ‘What Design can do about Finance‘ (Click here for the recordings)
by Heleen Mees and Rene Boer

25 September 2017 ‘What Design can do about Emancipation(Click here fore the recordings)
by Hassnae Bouazza, with a response by BK student Brigitte O’Regan

27 Oktober 2017 ‘What Design can do about Welfare(Click here fore the recordings)
by  Zihni Özdil, with a response by BK student Alon Sarig

20 November 2017 ‘What Design can do about Democracy’ (Recordings coming soon)
by Marietje Schaake