Project by
Francesca Rizzetto
Master Track
Marta Relats, Henco Bekkering, Arjan van Timmeren
Date of graduation


In the city of Taranto located in south Italy, industrial foul-up is one of the biggest contributors of the high percentage of cancer death. The main polluting factory is an integral cycle steel plant, where all the stages for the transformation of iron into steel happen. It represents 75% of Taranto province GDP. The Italian government aware of a severe economic crisis was not intended to deploy the complete closure of the factory and it is guiding project for reforming the entire steel cycle production. However the rural cultivated area around the city will be not available anymore and a people through protest are reclaiming a new place where live. The project has been developed followed three main proposals for the city and the people.

  • RELOCATION: Designing a new neighborhood for the people.
  • REMEDIATION: Proposing a developed idea of “Phytoremediation land-park”.
  • ECONOMIC ALTERNATIVE: Related with the territory in a new conscious landscape interaction.

These are part of a main scenario for the future development of the city, which is divided in 5 different scale projects, all of them are thought to work in according with the Government future remediation plan for the ILVA factory.

The design process is seen as an opportunity to involve inhabitants, politicians and designers to build up a sustainable community where they use its resources to maintain current needs all the while ensuring and protecting resources future generations for example self sufficient production of energy, natural clean process of waters, addressing also in a different economy production. It will be the example of a new idea of future park could be, not anymore contained in the city, but as a open dialogue between ecologies, economies and human life, where people can experience and learn from nature around them, within a new cultural landscape.