Course Codes
Architecture: AR3DP110 Urbanism: AR3U100
Wouter Vanstiphout, Mike Emmerik, Leo van den Burg.
Participating students
Donatas Baltrusaitis, Emilia Bruck, Bart de Hartog, Yuhui Jin, Mikas Kauzonas, Pepe Niemeijer, Anniek Roosenschoon, Marije Ruigrok, Pim Schachtschabel, Diamadis Tegkelidis, Thomas Verbrugh.

During this Design as Politics master graduation studio we focused on Money. Why Money? What does design have to do with money? We would say: everything!

“Money has become the central critical issue for architecture and planning. How to plan and build when public and private funds have dried up? Why design new buildings, when the existing ones are not even finished or used? Why design public spaces when cities are unable to even care for or maintain the existing parks and streets?  If architecture and urbanism is to survive, it will have to place financing and money at the center of its attention, and it will have to be just as creative in its financial architecture, as in the design of spaces and materials.

Design as Politics says: Do not let this crisis go to waste! Profit from the freedom offered by the collapse of the old financial systems and create an architecture that can exist on its own terms, either through an extreme sobriety of materials and construction, by using innovative financial tools, through crowd funding, unexpected profitmodels or by using entirely new ways of payment from bartering to bitcoins.”