Project by
Joan Kwong
Master Track
Huib Plomp, Bas Gremmen, Wouter Vanstiphout.
Date of graduation


In Tin Shui Wai New Town, the Town of Sadness, people are living isolated from each other with the minimized sharing space and facilities closest to home. Ways of making a living used to be in the Shophouse are also taken away from the home of the people. Improvement in living comfort brings about the deterioration of the communal space and ease of making a living. Is systematic separation really helping our society to function better, or worse? Can we have better living standards without compromising our relationship with neighbors and ways of making a life?

While the government insist on the Modernist approach, I proposed to redevelop the area according to the will of the people, giving back their right to choose how to make a living and bringing home back to the ground, closer to each other and open spaces. Inspired from the Umbrella Movement, where people self-organize into different groups to support the protest, the main focus of this project is to provide ways to let people participate in the design process.

Through the introduction of mixed-use live-work units; orientation and connection of private living units with common house, communal open space and public streets; community-based living; freedom of choice in housing design; self-building from reused concrete; people can be more empowered in their living environment.

Co-(shop)housing is a mixed use sustainable neighbourhood where people can enjoy their right of choice in living while fulfilling their responsibility in the neighbourhood. The independent living is achieved by the more interdependency between the people and between people and the nature.