Project by
Anouk Klapwijk
Master Track
Mike Emmerik, Victor Munoz Sanz
Date of graduation

The temporary citizen

With a new scale of operating and constructing large offshore wind farms, harbours and adjacent cities are facing a transition. This transition will include an increase of work migration and temporary citizens within the area. The construction of a wind farm from the port of Vlissingen-Oost will result in a comings and goings of all kind of high- and low-skilled migrant workers and expats within the next five years. This raises new questions about the role of the city of Vlissingen and the adjacent port.The design is an attempt to make the global factors of energy and migrant workers comprehensible and visible, while using this as a catalyst for local urban change. This book shows the idea that services for the temporary needs of migrant workers can be combined with long term improvements for the local population. The temporary citizens are seen as a window of opportunity for the transformation of the urban area, as well as the industrial port area.