This lecture series is the theoretical back- ground to the research and design studio and deals with large-scale urbanization and the modern history of new town planning world- wide, as well as the social, cultural, political and economic aspects of new urban environ- ments. The series is organised in 4 intensive blocks on Wednesday afternoons. The first block is focused on the history of New Town Planning, how they developed over time and what New Town planning meant for the African continent. During the second block we will look at issues around urbanisation in Africa, and during the 3rd block we will zoom into Ghana and contemporary plans for the greater Accra metropolitan region. The last lecture block takes place after the field research in Ghana. We start this block with a short presentation of the findings and workshop results in Tema, followed by 2 or 3 lecturers that help put these findings into a larger context.

Course Schedule

Lecture Block #1
An introduction to New Towns: From Europe to Africa
With contributions by: Mike Emmerik, Michelle Provoost and Rachel Keeton

Lecture Block #2
Urbanization in Africa
With contributions by: Michelle Provoost, Dick van Gameren, Simone Rots and Ellen Peters 

Lecture Block #3
Urbanization in Ghana
With contributions by: Michel Doortmont (tbc), Steven Slabbers, Markus Appenzeller and Samson Aziabah

 Lecture Block #4
Challenges around African Urbanization
With contributions by: Antoni Folkers and Michiel Smits