Project Duration
2010 - 2016
PhD Candidate
Azadeh Mashayekhi
Wil Zonneveld and Wouter Vanstiphout
Daily Supervisor
Stephen Read

Transforming the Future:
Modernization processes and regionalization of Tehran Metropolis.

PhD research by Azadeh Mashayekhi


Research Summary
In this study urban growth is understood through a series of transformations from one political, social entity to another. Each of these transitions is linked to a specific vision of society and city – expressed through particular urban plans and generic ‘images’. These ‘images’ and urban plans are related to a particular historical states and conditions of modernity.
The thesis asks questions about the precise and empirical ways cities transform, or are reformed from one city to another and one society to another. It aims to establish a framework for understanding urban form transformation and its link to social transformation.
Therefore this thesis study the city as a series of constructive and reconstructive projects of ‘modernisation’ constrained by its relations to its present and past. In doing so this study investigates the transformation of Tehran’s urban form as a process by tracing the relation between visions, plans and spatial interventions as well as spaces produced as practical politics. Therefore this research provides a means for better and more critically understanding contemporary changing form of the Iranian city and urban society in relation to modernization processes.