Design as Politics presents: Follow The Money – Finance, Architecture and the City

Also the coming semester the chair of Design as Politics will offer a master graduation studio to architecture and to urbanism students. After having focused on inequality (‘In the Ghetto’, 2010-2011), on vacancy (‘Rotterdam-Detroit’, 2011-2012) and on Democracy (‘We the People’, 2012-2013), we will focus on Money in 2013-2014. Why Money? What does design have to do with money? We would say: everything! Money has become the central critical issue for architecture and planning. How to plan and build when public and private funds have dried up? Why design new buildings, when the existing ones are not even finished or used? Why… Read More

New Towns & Politics – Call for Papers!

The ultimate political act in town planning is the building of a New Town. Or is the idea to build a New Town from scratch just proof of a fatal misunderstanding of what makes a city a city? New Towns have also become one of societies biggest political challenges. Shouldn’t we recognize that the planning and building of a New Town is but the first small step in the development of an urban community, and that the real work starts once the politicians and planners have done their job? (excerpt of New Towns & Politics call for papers description) In… Read More