Evelien van Winsen

Post-War Optimism in Colombo

EH_vanWinsen_P5 PresentationClick here to view the presentation

Project Summary
Within the complex context of post-war Sri Lanka, where the neo-liberal, oppressive democratic politics is shaping the capital into a generic South-East Asian high-rise city, I worked on the design challenge of shaping a space which triggers political participation. This asked for an ambiguous design, where the balance between the activation of the individual and political sensitivity was a central theme.

The final design provides the optimal circumstances for political participation by aligning the scale of protest with the tectonics of the design, organizing a route that guides the visitor towards activism and triggers the mind through strong cultural, historical and religious symbols. The ensemble of the wall, public square, building mass and gardens strengthens these intentions. This results in a central space in the city fabric where small political initiatives have the chance to spark into big media statements.

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